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entrepreneurial journalism

Listen to news you choose.

Curatear is a prototype for a mobile app that offers a daily customized news podcast, combining the convenience and passivity of podcasts with the personalization of a curated news app. 

Curatear provides the quality you expect in your trusted daily news update while allowing both flexibility in the topics that matter most and the simplicity and passivity of the podcast format.

entrepreneurial journalism

The Journey to Curatear

In entrepreneurial journalism, I was tasked with creating a viable startup in the media space. With my background in UX design and prototyping, I immediately gravitated towards a mobile app. And with a love of podcasting, Curatear was soon born.

The focus of this project was on the business side of things—the market research, the competitive advantage, the target audience and key users, the business model, and of course, the pitch.

Curatear won the class award for best overall pitch, and I still have the medal to prove it.