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about flux

Don't miss the train to animation station.

flUX is an educational guide for incorporating animation into web and mobile design and development in useful, beautiful ways, all specifically catered toward students and newbie designers. With a curriculum that builds UX animation knowledge from the ground up, flUX disrupts an educational landscape filled with material that is either too complex, too incomplete, or too abstract.

In flUX, the four content modules synthesize key principles and best practices to provide the launchpad students need to use animation in future web projects. Starting with WHAT, the lessons teach basic terms and background on UX animation. This leads to WHY which explains why animation can create a better experience for your user. HOW delves into the code and more technical side of it all, giving users exposure to CSS and JS strategies to incorporate animation. Finally with WOW, users take all that they’ve learned to the next level, learning extra tips that will be useful to them or their employers.

flUX is available now as a free online resource for desktop and mobile. Don’t miss the train to animation station — get onboard at flux.mynmi.net.

emerging media capstone

The Road to flUX

flUX was created by a team of three Emerging Media Master’s students at the University of Georgia. In the Emerging Media program, all students work on a Capstone project that is a culmination of the EM curriculum and journey.

Along the way, students take a variety of courses including Ideation & Project Management, Interaction Design & Usability, Design & Aesthetics, Social Media Strategy, Web Production, and iOS Development. Ultimately, each of these courses plays a role in the Capstone project, which is completed over the course of two semesters.

In Capstone, students apply everything they have learned to create a digital product that solves a real world problem. Like any product, flUX went through many stages and iterations, allowing us to experience firsthand the tech mantra of build fast and break things.

Throughout 2019, the flUX team went through phases including market research, design, and the development and testing of three major product iterations. As lead developer for the project, my main role was to build flUX from a bare-bones Bootstrap Template and incorporate animated features based on our research and lessons. Writing the “How” lessons was a journey of learning as well as teaching!

You can learn more about the journey to flUX in my group’s Medium post.