The Parkview Project

  • Alexa skills, digital product, user experience

"We don't know who our neighbors are."

Throughout my Multiplatform Story Production class, we had the opportunity to follow one story through the entirety of the semester. Because we didn’t have to bounce around to hit quick deadlines, we were able to engage deeply with our stories for richer final products. I explored the story of the defunct Parkview Community Center and the team of UGA faculty and students who are trying to bring it back to life.

Along the way, I created a photo essay, a video, and social media content, but the final project was a four part podcast entitled “The Parkview Project.” 

multiplatform story production

The Journey

Multiplatform Story Production is a core journalism class that asks students to integrate varied media skills with reporting and investigation. Journalism is no longer separated into “print” or “photo,” and this class allows students to explore what it means to be multiplatform and multipurpose.

This project was my first experience working with audio. I learned basic best practices for recording with a microphone and learned how to edit in Adobe Audition. 

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