Savor Striplings

  • social media, content marketing
digital and social communication strategies

How do you savor striplings?

With a team, I spent an entire semester diving into the current marketing and social media strategies of Stripling’s, a Georgia-based specialty grocery store.

We conducted market and brand research, did a social media audit, developed an understanding of the target audience, and performed a SWOT analysis in order to draw insights about the brand.

We used these insights to develop #SavorStriplings, a year-long campaign that will engage fans, draw new customers, and emphasize the high quality of Stripling’s products and the local authenticity of the brand. 

The overarching #SavorStriplings theme would be used across all platforms to emphasize a cohesive message. It will combine easily with current marketing efforts, allowing both old and new content to take on a more unified message instead of entirely replacing what already exists. A graphics package will be developed to use on all major social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), using the current Stripling’s branding including the pig, color palette and #SavorStriplings hashtag. 

Keep reading below to see the plan my group developed (and earned an A on!)